Music Production For The New Generation is a music production academy with a totally unique approach that gives producers of any level the tools they need to take their own tracks to level of the pros. You will have direct access to the founder and your tutor Joey Riot throughout your course and even onaward.

Through our discord group you will also be able to get feedback and learn from other students who are on the same journey as you and be part of our welcoming community.

I finished every class feeling positive and inspired. Joey makes everything really easy to understand and is always happy to explain things in greater detail if you don’t get them initially.
Robert Kerrigan

I feel like I have a clearer direction now. Joey was able to show the benefits of using a step-by-step approach, rather than trying to do everything all at once.
Tricky Noise

Joey explains very complicated production techniques in a way that everyone will understand & then he breaks those processes down into small manageable sections.
Ross Kinnell

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